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[[Nick watches uncertainly as the other GPF employees begin to leave. Fooker flashes him a quick thumbs-up.]]
Nick: [To the remaining "visitors" in the room] While they go off to notify the others, we should probably get started working on the scanner updates...
The Inexplicable Speck!: Actually, I've got a better idea...

Speck: [Giving Nick a sympathetic smile] YOU should go back to your room and get some sleep. We woke you up when you were exhausted. You're not doing to do your best if you're fighting fatigue.

Alpha-Duck: [Manhandling the scanner] Besides, it's going to take a bit for Apple Pie here [Pi scowls] to get us up to speed on how this contraption works. WE won't be any good to YOU if we don't know what we're doing.

Valerie Smith: [Placing a reassuring hand on Nick's shoulder] And if THAT doesn't motivate you, I think your wife will get better rest if she knows YOU'RE finally getting some as well...
Ki: [With a weary smile] That works for me...

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