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[[An unknown voice narrates as we see several people walk down a dark corridor toward the reader. We cannot see their faces, but they appear to be wearing the Grey-provided jumpsuits, or at least variations of them.]]
Voice: Of the hundred or so human "survivors" aboard the Grey ship, less than a quarter have volunteered for the "away missions" to other universes.

[[The people continue to walk past the reader, across their field of view. While distinct faces are still hard to make out, a few silhouettes look familiar.]]
Voice: Now, out of these we must find those willing to take on an even greater, deadlier challenge, a journey from which they may never return.

[[The individuals walk toward an open doorway in the background. In the strong back-light, their silhouettes are difficult to make out.]]
Voice: Who will be the guinea pigs who dare risk an eternity frozen in time, a sacrifice from which we may glean the secret of rescuing the missing Earth...?

[[The scene shifts. We see Fooker and Patty arguing, with Sharon and Trish in the background behind them.]]
Patty: [Scowling] For the last time, we're NOT referring to them as "the Expendables"!
Fooker: "The Suicide Squad", then? "Inglorious--"
Sharon and Trish: [Shouting and interrupting in unison] NO!

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