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[[Fooker continues to "narrate" off-panel as several of the volunteers come forward.]]
Fooker: [Narrating] Each volunteer had their reasons. Some were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice...
Chris: [Determined] I'll do anything to help bring my family home...

Fooker: [Narrating] To some, Death and Danger were old friends...
Justin: [With Johnson] I faced half the Physaric-infested U.G.A. and rode "Mister Inertia" bareback. Bring it.

Fooker: [Narrating] Some felt they had nothing left to lose...
Victor Glowerhausen: I've lived a good life and made peace with both of my adult daughters. Preserve the young and let this old man take the risk.

Fooker: [Narrating] Some, well... nobody liked them anyway...
Trudy: [Scowling] Just because it's true doesn't men you have to rub it in my face, Bristle-Chin.

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