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Sharon: [Somewhat annoyed, speaking to someone off-panel] Thank you all for volunteering. We know this wasn't an easy decision. We appreciate all of your sacrifices, despite the unrequested commentary.
[[Behind her, we see Trish, Patty, and Fooker. Patty gives Fooker a dirty look, while Fooker feigns innocence.]]

[[Our view reverses and we see that Sharon is addressing the volunteers for the next dangerous mission to the frozen Earth. Among them are Justin, Trudy, Lieutenant Johnson, Chris, and Victor Glowerhausen.]]
Sharon: I wish we could tell you exactly what's in store for you but, frankly, Nick's still trying to figure that out. It's kind of hard to prepare for something no one's ever done before.

Sharon: It could be highly dangerous; it could be nothing. We won't know until we actually give it a try...
[[An alien voice from off-panel interrupts.]]
Alien: Hold on... we have one more volunteer...
[[Fooker, Patty, and Trish turn to look at the source of the interruption. Fooker seems annoyed.]]

[[Our view shifts and we see Colonel Lionel Barker standing in the doorway, flanked by Planck and an armed Grey soldier drone. Barker's hands appear to be trapped in high-tech alien handcuffs. He smirks.]]
Planck: He, um... insisted.

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