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[[Colonel Lionel Barker smiles as he surveys the room. It is obviously he isn't welcome.]]
Barker: Ah, Johnson... Mister Glowerhausen... even Esther's little girls. This has turned into quite a morbid little reunion, hasn't it...?

Justin: [Scowling] You have some nerve showing up here, Dad. Nobody wants YOUR kind of help.
Fooker: Cool it, bro. Let the traitorous old geezer speak his piece.
Barker: Now boys, please...

Barker: I am a soldier. I am used to being expendable. I am neither a trusted ally, nor a valued asset. I am old, past my prime, and of little value locked away in some forgotten cell.

Barker: [Looking Fooker in the eye while smirking] If you have no use for my strategic expertise, then at least allow me to offer my services as a guinea pig. What better sacrificial lamb could you ask for...?

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