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[[Reluctantly, Fooker agrees with his father's argument. He turns away as Justin and Lieutenant Johnson flank Colonel Lionel Barker, his hands still encased in alien handcuffs.]]
Fooker: Fine. Pops stays, but so do those fancy bracelets. Johnson, I'm putting you on babysitting duty for the duration.
Johnson: [Glaring at the Colonel, his former boss] With pleasure, sir.

[[Fooker returns to the front of the room with Sharon, Trish, and Patty. He turns around to address the volunteers.]]
Fooker: As Red said, gang, we ain't got no guarantees. All kidding aside, this mission's the hairiest one we've done yet. We ain't PLANNIN' on leavin' anyone behind, but still...

Patty: [Adding to Fooker's statements] Until we understand the full nature and effects of this "time freeze", we don't know what it's going to take for Nick to bring back the Earth. The more data we collect, the better.

Sharon: [To the volunteers] No one is going to ask you to stick around and potentially get frozen for eternity, but if you DID, the data we gather may be the key to ensuring the safety of everyone over there.

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