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Patty: As Nick said, no one is more--or less--valuable than anyone else. If you want to volunteer to go first, that's your choice, but no one's assigning ranks here.

Colonel Lionel Barker: I would say Victor and I should draw straws, but [raising his alien handcuffs with a smirk] seeing as that isn't an option...
Fooker: Pi, you got a doohickey that generates random numbers...?
Pi: Yes. Why?

Fooker: [Turning to Victor Glowerhausen] Mr. G., pick evens or odds.
Victor: Even.
Fooker: That makes Dad odd... which sounds about right. [Lionel frowns.] Pi, give us an integer between 1 and 100 inclusive.

Pi: [Looking at his gadget] 54.
Fooker: Even it is. Sorry, Mr. G. Looks like you're up first.
Victor: [Smiling] Apologies are unnecessary. I DID volunteer, didn't I?
[[Sharon looks uncomfortable.]]

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