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[[Fooker addresses the entire group.]]
Fooker: Then we've got the first two slots sewn up. The rest of you can decide what order you wanna go in next. We'll take a ten minute break, then meet back in the MUTEX lab.

[[As the group begins to disperse, Patty and Trish intercept Chris as Trudy watches from the background.]]
Patty: Are you sure you want to volunteer for this, Chris...?
Trish: A-aren't y-you s-scared...?
Chris: Oh, definitely! But if there's anything I've learned from this group, it's how to be brave.

[[Trudy turns to her father, Victor Glowerhausen.]]
Trudy: You've got some nerve volunteering for this, AND for going first...
Victor: One could say the same for you, Trudy. Selfless sacrifice has rarely been one of your defining traits...

[[Sharon sheepishly approaches her father and sister.]]
Victor: Ah, Sharon... I can bet I know what YOU want to ask...
Sharon: That the two of you might reconsider? A bit selfish of a sister and daughter to ask, I know...

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