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[[Trudy, Victor Glowerhausen, and Sharon are now alone in the room after everyone has left. Victor turns to his youngest daughter Sharon, who has expressed her concern that both he and Trudy have volunteered for such a dangerous mission.]]
Victor: I know that we've had little time to get to know each other, but I feel it's important to step forward here, to take a risk so others don't have to.
[[Trudy gives her father a suspicious look.]]

Victor: [With a sad smile] I know little about the family that raised you, but I can tell they taught you to be selfless and kind. I may not have always been there for you, but I do want to make you proud.
[[Sharon returns the smile.]]

Victor: [Turning to Trudy, still smiling] I also know Trudy feels she has many sins to atone for, that karma will not be kind when the balance of her life is tested. I'm sure that factored into her decision to volunteer.
[[Trudy's expression softens.]]

[[Victor puts an arm around each of his daughters and pulls them close. Sharon is thrilled, but Trudy turns away with a wounded expression.]]
Victor: I may not have been a good father, but I can still see the wonderful things my daughters have accomplished, and I want both of you to accomplish so much more.

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