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[[Elsewhere, a small procession proceeds down a corridor of the Grey ship. Fooker and Sharon are in the lead, while several steps behind are Justin, Colonel Lionel Barker, and Lieutenant Johnson walking abreast. While Sharon gives her husband a concerned look, all of the men bear grim expressions. There is no dialog.]]

[[Our view shifts, and we look over Colonel Barker's shoulder toward the back of Fooker's head.]]
Lionel: Still nothing to say to me, Jason? Even on my last march to potential oblivion...?
Justin: He has nothing to say to you, Dad.

Lionel: He's said nothing for the past 15 years. Very soon, he'll miss his final opportunity to have the last word.
Justin: Everything he needed to say he said at Mom's funeral.

Lionel: [Narrowing his eyes at Justin] Ouch. Et tu, fili mi? "These words are razors to my wounded heart..."
Johnson: [Interjecting to Justin] Permission to give the Colonel a fat lip, sir.

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