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Colonel Lionel Barker: [Gravely] It no longer matters what Jason thinks of me. What matters is the sacrifice I make for humankind, that this reparation bear fruit and the Earth be returned safe and intact.
[[In the foreground, Fooker's eyes narrow.]]

[[Fooker stops short, then spins around.]]
Fooker: Johnson, see to it that the missus gets escorted to the MUTEX chamber safely.
Johnson: [Confused] Uh... yes, sir...
Sharon: [Uncomfortably] Fooker, just ignore him. Don't let him--

Fooker: [Grimly, never taking his eyes off Colonel Barker] Sharon... something is about to happen that I don't want your delicate li'l ears to hear. So for me, please, just go with Johnson. I'll be there soon enough.

[[Sharon and Johnson turn to leave. Fooker stands defiantly between them and Colonel Barker.]]
Sharon: [Glaring at the Colonel] I'll go, but only out of respect for you and your privacy. Believe me, there's nothing you can say to that old fossil that he doesn't deserve.

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