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[[After Sharon and Johnson have left, Fooker, Justin, and Colonel Lionel Barker are now alone in the corridor of the Grey ship.]]
Lionel: [Smirking at Fooker] My... I didn't think you so chivalrous. I'm certain Ms. Murphy is "woman enough" to hear whatever infantile slings and arrows you wish to hurl at me...

Fooker: [Stepping nose to nose with his father] Listen good, old man, because I'm only going to say this once. I don't care what you say about me, or even if you badmouth my wife. If it ain't true, it won't stick. We can take it.

Fooker: [Scowling] But I'll be #@%$ed if I'm gonna let you start pullin' this martyrdom $#!%. Ain't no one on this ship gonna believe that nonsense, no matter how suave and manipulative you are.

Fooker: [Turning to walk away] You had your day as a "real American hero". But ain't nobody forgot which schemin' %@$#@*& started this mess. You ain't nobody's champion.
[[Lionel frowns as he narrows his eyes at his son's back.]]

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