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[[The scene shifts. We now follow Patty, Trish, and Chris as they walk down a different corridor. Chris seems confident and happy, while Trish seems nervous. For the moment, Patty is her usual deadpan.]]
Patty: Seriously, Chris. This is a pretty risky jump. You don't have to volunteer if you don't want to.
Chris: [Smiling] We've already been there once. All the surprises have already been spoiled.

Patty: [Slightly annoyed] That's not what I meant. This could be a one-way trip, and we all know it.
Chris: [Determined] Of course we do. And I'm willing to make that trip so someone else doesn't have to.

Patty: [Angrily] Look, you're not "expendable". Just because you haven't known anybody here from before the Earth got zapped doesn't mean no one's going to miss you!
[[Trish and Chris are taken aback.]]

[[Trish smiles, then walks behind Patty and puts her hands on her shoulders.]]
Trish: I th-think sh-she's trying to s-say W-WE'RE your f-friends and W-WE'LL m-miss you if you d-don't c-come back!
Chris: [Smiling] I kind of picked up on that part.
[[Patty looks sheepish.]]

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