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Chris: [Turning away with a touch of sadness] If it makes you feel any better, I don't see myself as "expendable". I just... I'm not sure I really belong here. That is, I feel like a newcomer clinging to the fringe of a clique.
[[Patty and Trish exchange a guilty glance.]]

Chris: [Turning back to them, smiling with her hands spread wide] Not that you guys haven't tried to make me feel welcome, of course. Everyone's been super-nice to me, you two especially. It's just you have so much shared history...

Patty: [Awkwardly] Sometimes it feels like we have nothing BUT history, convoluted as it is.
Trish: [Nervously] And t-technically, s-some of it i-isn't e-even our own...

Patty: But we're all geeks. We're outsiders by default. We all got lumped together by working for the same company. That doesn't mean no one else can join us if they want.
[[Trish beams. Chris returns a sad but warm smile.]]

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