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[[Chris, Patty, and Trish arrive at the MUTEX chamber. Shadowy shapes behind them imply that the other volunteers are coming as well. The Inexplicable Speck! notes the new arrivals.]]
Speck: Nick, it looks like the volunteers have arrived...
Nick: Excellent. And I'm not surprised by any of the faces.

[[As the rest of the volunteers file in, Nick spots Lionel Barker behind Fooker.]]
Nick: [Surprised] Well, OK... maybe ONE face...
[[Lionel frowns.]]
Fooker: We've already gone over the basics: risky trip, may be one-way, never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down...

Nick: [Addressing the group] Did any of you decide what order you wish to go in...?
Victor Glowerhausen: Indeed. I will go first. If my test is unsuccessful, the Colonel will follow me.

[[The "science team" gathers behind Nick: Alpha-Duck, the Speck!, and Pi.]]
Nick: [Grimly] OK, then. I guess it's time to let you know just what mess you've gotten yourselves into...

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