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[[Nick begins explaining just what the new volunteers for the more dangerous mission are in for.]]
Nick: Some of you have already heard this, but our first priority is to establish how long we can operate in the target universe before succumbing to the time-slowing effects.

Nick: The only real way to test this is to take some object from this universe over to that one and wait for it to "freeze". Once frozen, we'll need to test if we can successfully bring it back.

[[He holds up his hand and a small circular device with a propeller and what looks like two solar panels beings to hover in the air.]]
Nick: Planck has provided us with this self-propelled gadget to use for the first test. The away team will go in shifts, spending a brief amount of time there observing it until it stops.

Nick: Once it freezes, we'll have a baseline. If we can successfully return it to this universe and get it working again, we can warrant moving to the next phase: a human trial.
[[The volunteers all share uncertain glances.]]

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