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[[As Nick continues his explanation, we see a pair of simple, faceless, cartoony characters behind him, illustrating what he describes.]]
Nick: The teams will go in pairs. One person will be responsible for observing the gadget. The other will collect as much data on your surroundings as possible.
[[The two example characters perform their observations, one watching the flying gadget from the previous strip, while the other holds a scanning device.]]

Nick: [Holding up two small remote-control-sized devices] The science team has put together these new devices to record the data. We can't trust any single scanning device for this; otherwise it might freeze on us too.

Nick: Once the gadget freezes, we'll collect the data and combine it from each device to consolidate the results. Whoever is over there will then try to retrieve the gadget.
[[The two example characters gather around the now frozen gadget. One of them attempts to grab it and take it.]]

Nick: There is a chance the gadget may get "stuck" over there, for any number of reasons. If it does, that may put the kibosh on phase two... and our hopes of unfreezing the Earth.
[[The example characters continue to try collecting the device with little success. It seems frozen in place as one character grimaces trying to move it. The other appears uncertain and confused.]]

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