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[[Nick continues his explanation of the test methodology. He holds up a small notepad and a pencil.]]
Nick: Since verbal communication is out, we'll do things the old fashioned way: jotting down notes. These will be in your personal time bubble so they should remain usable.

Nick: To communicate back to us, just hold your notepad in front of your personal body cam. I THINK you'll still be able to hear us, so we'll have two way comms, at least of a sort.

[[Our view shifts. We now look over Nick's shoulder toward the volunteers.]]
Nick: Since Mr. Glowerhausen and the Colonel are our two guinea pigs, I want them out of the rotation for this first test. That should keep them "pristine" for the human trial.

Nick: We have no idea what lingering effects exposure to the "time freeze" may have. Chris, I want to keep a close eye on you during this, since you've already been exposed.
[[Chris responds with a nervous grin.]]

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