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[[Nick gestures to Sharon, Trish, Patty, and Fooker.]]
Nick: We'll use the last mission as a baseline for how long each shift will last. The girls were over there for around fifteen minutes, so that will be our window to swap out.

[[Nick gestures to Planck, who is holding a tiny device in one hand, and a rectangular device in another.]]
Nick: Once you come back, expect Planck to scan you thoroughly to see if there are any side effects to your exposure. We may need to adjust the window if something comes up.

[[Nick turns to Johnson, Justin, Chris, and Trudy. Johnson and Justin exchange a glance, as do Chris and Trudy. Trudy is looking at Chris through narrowed eyes.]]
Nick: The four of you need to decide how you want to pair up. Whoever your partner is at the start will remain your partner for the duration.

[[Johnson looks at Chris. Chris looks at Justin, smiling. Justin looks back at Chris. Trudy's gaze moves downward, eyes still narrowed.]]
Chris: Well, I'm fine with girls against the guys...
Trudy: Or soldiers vs. civilians...
Justin: To be fair, it's not a competition, but that works for us...

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