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Chris: If you want, we can go first. That way, Trudy can watch me to see if there are any cumulative effects.
Nick: That's a smart idea. Pi, prep the MUTEX.

Nick: [Holding the test gadget and pointing to a button on its back] Once you arrive, press here to activate the gadget and note the time. From there, it's just keeping an eye on the gadget until it freezes or it's time for you to swap out.

Nick: [Holding up a pair of the new scanners] Make sure to keep your distance so your personal time field won't interfere with the test. By the same token, keep your scanners on you at all times so THEY won't freeze.

NicK: Try not to interact with anything while you're over there. We know you can transfer time energy to other objects. We don't know if that means you'll "lose time" in the process.
[[Chris seems slightly worried, while Trudy appears determined.]]

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