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[[Trudy and Chris materialize on the frozen Earth. Chris has the small self-propelled gadget tucked under her arm, while Trudy holds a small pad of paper in her hand.]]
Nick: [Over the communicator] Transfer complete. Not to rush things, but make sure you get the gadget set up ASAP. We don't know how much time energy you have to burn.

[[Trudy scribbles something on her notepad and holds it up for Chris to see.]]
Trudy: [Written on her notepad] You set up the gizmo. I'll take a baseline scan of you before scanning the rest of the room.
[[Chris begins scribbling furiously on her own notepad.]]

Chris: [Holding up her notepad] OK
[[Trudy begins writing on her notepad again.]]

Trudy: [Holding up her notepad again] This is going to get old really fast...
Chris: [Scribbling furiously] Tell me about it...

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