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[[As Chris sets up the self-propelled gadget, Trudy scribbles a note on her notepad and holds it up to her body cam so the people back on the "prime" universe can see it.]]
Trudy: [Via the notepad] Gadget's set up. Now we just have to stand around and wait.

[[Trudy and Chris look around as the gadget hovers behind them. They carry on a conversation by writing notes back and forth.]]
Chris: So this is the office where you guys worked? Seems pretty nice...
Trudy: It's OK. The old place was a bit nicer. Larger too...

Chris: [Curious] What happened to the "old place"?
Trudy: [Annoyed] It burnt down. Long story.

[[They turn and find Dwayne, frozen in place holding a chair over his head, just like the previous team found him.]]
Chris: So that's your boss? Everyone speaks pretty highly of him...
Trudy: [Her expression softening] He's smart, patient, long-suffering... and much more forgiving than we ever deserved...

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