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[[Chris and Trudy continue to discuss Dwayne, who remains frozen in time a few feet away. Their entire conversation consists of hand-written notes jotted down on notepads, since they can't communicate verbally.]]
Chris: Does he have any family?
Trudy: Wife and daughter. Forget how old Sydney is now. Middle school? High school?

Chris: [Smiling] My niece is still in grade school. They grow up so fast! Seems like yesterday she was just a baby!
[[Trudy lowers her head, appearing sad and reflective.]]

Chris: [Noting Trudy's change in mood] Are you OK?
Trudy: Yes. Just thinking about how helpless they are right now. Vulnerable. Wish there was more we could do.

Chris: [Placing a reassuring hand on Trudy's shoulder] We're going to help them. I just know it. My brother and his family, your boss and his... we'll get everyone back, sooner than we all think!

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