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[[Chris is monitoring the Grey gadget as it continues to hover next to her. Nick's voice crackles over her earpiece speaker.]]
Nick: Time's almost up, you two. Any change on the gadget?
Chris: [Jotting down her response on her notepad] Nothing obvious. Visually, it looks fine. Scanner doesn't show any slow-downs.

Nick: Trudy, what about your scans? Have you detected any changes in Chris?
[[When Trudy doesn't immediately respond, Chris glances in her direction. Trudy seems to be preoccupied, watching the frozen Dwayne with a sad expression on her face.]]

[[Chris jots down her response to Nick, then places a hand on Trudy's shoulder to get her attention.]]
Chris: [Via the notepad] I feel fine. I think Trudy might be a bit distracted...
Trudy: [After snapping back, writing on her notepad] Sorry. Nothing weird. She's OK.

Nick: OK, then. Please don't lose focus. We really need that data. Keep scanning. We'll be pulling you two back in a few minutes...
[[As Chris turns her attention back to the gadget, Trudy turns hers back to Dwayne.]]

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