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[[Back aboard the Grey ship, the group in the MUTEX chamber prepare for the away teams to swap places.]]
Nick: Justin and Johnson, go ahead and grab a couple of helmets. Make sure to keep the ones Chris and Trudy used clear so they have a way back.

[[Nick approaches the control console, which Pi is operating.]]
Pi: We've never done a "swap" before, where someone comes back while another leaves...
Nick: I know. It's a bit convoluted, but the controller logic should be able to handle it.

[[Justin and Johnson have donned their helmets and stand ready in the background.]]
Justin: Ready when you are...
Nick: Great. [He taps a button on the control panel.] Chris and Trudy, get ready. We're initiating the transfer...

[[Behind Nick, Alpha-Duck and the Inexplicable Speck! are monitoring some other equipment. The Speck! cringes.]]
Alpha-Duck: [Puzzled] Uh... Nick? Is there a particular reason why a FIFTH helmet just became active...?
Nick: [Surprised] Say... what now...?

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