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[[This strip consists of a single wide panel, set in the MUTEX chamber. To the left and somewhat in the background stand several of the volunteers and spectators: Colonel Lionel Barker, Victor Glowerhausen, Fooker, Sharon, Trish, and Patty. To the right and in the foreground are the "science team", consisting of Pi, Nick, the Inexplicable Speck!, and Alpha-Duck. In the center, Chris and Trudy have just materialized, returning from their "away mission". Chris still holds her MUTEX helmet, while Trudy's and a third helmet dangle overhead. However, the two newcomers are not alone. With an arm draped over Trudy's shoulders, an unconscious Dwayne slumps against her. His weight is almost too much for her to bear. Trudy looks grim and determined as she attempts to support him. Meanwhile, everyone else gapes at them in various stages of shock and surprise.]]
Nick: Trudy... w-what did you do...?

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