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[[In the infirmary aboard the Grey ship, Doctor Melanie Granger checks in on a couple of her patients. Ki is seated nearby with her hands on her very pregnant belly.]]
Granger: [Smiling] Ki, I'm happy to say your latest test results came back great! It's not going to be long before we have another happy, healthy passenger on board.
Ki: [Smiling] Thanks.

[[Granger turns her attention to Dexter, who is on the other side of the room. Granger gives him a skeptical smile.]]
Granger: And as for you, I suggest you stay clear of the low-gravity sections of the ship from now on...
Dexter: [Sheepishly] Or at least don't go near 'em on a full stomach...
[[Ki seems amused by the conversation.]]

[[Something outside the room captures their attention. They all turn to look through the doorway.]]
Ki: What's all that commotion?
Granger: [Concerned] I don't know. Sounds like we might have an emergency on our hands...

[[Dex and Ki approach the doorway. On the other side of the hallway beyond, we can see Fooker and Justin dragging someone's unconscious body draped over their shoulders into the next room. Nick follows close behind them. Dex and Ki stop Sharon as she passes by.]]
Dexter: Sharon? What happened? Is somebody hurt?
Sharon: [Worried] It's... well... you'd better come look for yourselves...

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