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[[In the Grey ship's infirmary, Dwayne lies prone and unconscious on a diagnostic bed. Nick, Doctor Melanie Granger, and the Grey drone Avogadro stand next to him as Avogadro scans him with a medical scanner. Just outside the door, Fooker, Dexter, Ki, and Sharon listen worriedly.]]
Avogadro: I do not understand these readings. They are anomalous to all previously recorded human medical scans.
Nick: [Grimly] Bottom line, Avogadro: is he alive or dead?

Avogadro: [Eyeing his scanner] I am... uncertain. I do not think he is deceased. However, I cannot conclusively ascertain consistent life signs. It is as if there is a "blip" then nothing at odd intervals.

Granger: [To Nick] I'm assuming you know this person? Where did he come from?
Nick: Earth, and right now his survival is essential to whether or not we can bring the planet back.

References: Avogadro
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