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[[Nick and Doctor Melanie Granger stand next the Dwayne's med bay bed. Dwayne remains unconscious.]]
Granger: It would help to know what, exactly, is wrong with him...
Nick: [Grimly] He was frozen in time, as in time literally stopped for him. He's no longer in sync with this universe.

[[Nick looks across the table to a Grey drone who is standing on the other side. He has a lower-case italics "e" on his chest.]]
Nick: Euler, that's the main reason you're here. While Granger and Avogadro tend to his medical needs, I need you to analyze the space-time around him.

Nick: I'll bet you'll find a temporal distortion field, possibly even a negative tachyon flow. See what you can do to reverse that.
Euler: That... is theoretically impossible.
Nick: Make it happen.

Granger: [Concerned yet annoyed] You never said anything about bringing people back yet. We could have prepared...
Nick: [Scowling] He wasn't MEANT to be brought back yet, and I'm about to address that momentarily...

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