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[[Nick exits the med bay exam room, looking back over his shoulder at Doctor Melanie Granger, Avogadro, and the unconscious Dwayne as he leaves.]]
Nick: Doctor Granger, please keep me apprised of Dwayne's progress. If he so much as twitches, I want to be the first to hear about it.
Granger: Got it.

[[He approaches Fooker and Justin, who were standing just outside the doorway.]]
Nick: Fooker, Justin, get back to the MUTEX chamber and keep the rotation going. We need to complete the scans and gadget test regardless of what transpired.
Fooker: Rodger.

[[Without missing a beat, Nick storms past Ki and Dexter.]]
Nick: Dex, it's a lot to ask, but I need you to take Trudy's place in the away team. Get to the MUTEX chamber ASAP.
Ki: [Concerned] What happened? Is she OK? Did she get hurt?

[[Nick doesn't stop. Instead, he continues to march steadily out the door and into the background.]]
Nick: Not yet. At any rate, Trudy isn't going back--possibly EVER--if I have anything to say about it.
Dexter: [Whispering to Ki] He kind of has the FINAL say about it...

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