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[[In the middle-ground Nick enters the MUTEX chamber, fuming. In the background, Chris and Victor Glowerhausen watch him enter. In the foreground, Trudy stands off by herself, arms folded tightly across her chest, quietly fuming.]]
Nick: [To Chris and Victor] Keep the test rotation going. [To Trudy] Trudy, conference room.

[[Nick storms through the room and begins to exit through the door on the opposite side. Victor and Chris watch him as he passes. Trudy remains defiant in the foreground, refusing to look in Nick's direction.]]

[[Just before he exists, Nick turns around.]]
Nick: [Shouting angrily at Trudy] NOW.
[[The shout startles Chris and Victor. Trudy grimaces, tightening her grip on herself.]]

[[Without saying a word, Trudy turns and stomps through the door, following Nick. Victor and Chris share an uncertain glance.]]

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