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Trudy: So I was impatient, but for a good reason! You weren't there, Nick! You didn't see him! Standing there, frozen... helpless... I couldn't just leave him there all alone!

Nick: Trudy, he's been there for over a year, and he wasn't going anywhere in the meantime! HE'S the one who was safe! WE'RE the ones on a deadline here!
Trudy: Exactly my point!

Nick: No, it's not. Time is running out, yes, but not so fast that we have to take unnecessary risks. This was a blatant disregard for Dwayne's life!
Trudy: You're exaggerating!

Nick: Am I? I wonder what CHUCK would have to say about that...
Trudy: That's... low...

References: "Over a year": That's in "comic time", since the end of Scylla and Charybdis; Earth being "safe" versus the gang's "deadline"; Chuck
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