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Trudy: [Defensively] Chuck... was different. I was different. Yes, I tossed him away, and it was a mistake. It was WRONG. But Dwayne is RIGHT! I SAVED him! This is me, making amends!

Nick: [Grimly] Trudy, Dwayne is in a very dangerous position right now. I have no idea whether he'll survive this. That was the point of my "stupid testing", to find out what we're facing.

Nick: If we had followed my plan, we would have known what to expect. We would have had a chance to experiment on a non-living object with no risk of anyone getting hurt.

Nick: [Turning his back to her] But now... now I have no idea if Dwayne will live or die, and no matter what the outcome is, I can't trust you with anything critical again...
[[Trudy expression falls as she realizes not only what she's done, but how disappointed Nick is in her.]]

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