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[[The scene shifts back to the infirmary. As the two Grey drone Avogadro and Euler continue to study Dwayne, Doctor Melanie Granger walks over to Ki and Sharon, who are seated just outside the door. All three women bear worried expressions.]]
Ki: Any word, Dr. Granger?
Granger: Not really. To be honest, right now I feel just as useless as I imagine you two must feel...

Granger: My patient has no pulse, no brain activity, no reflexes... nothing. But he isn't dead, just... frozen. I literally have no idea what to do in this situation.

Ki: If it makes you feel any better, I've been feeling useless for about eight months...
Sharon: At least you have a valid reason. Poor Dwayne... I wish we could talk to him...

[[Granger turns to look back into the room as the Greys work. Ki and Sharon follow her gesture.]]
Granger: I certainly hope Avogadro and Euler can help him, because all those years of med school, interning, and running a hospital never prepared me for... well, THIS.

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