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[[Grey drones Avogadro and Euler continue to scan Dwayne, hoping to find a way to revive him.]]
Avogadro: I am still unable to divulge anything medically useful...
Euler: [Checking his scanner] Well, I have made a modicum of progress with my more general scans.

Euler: Apparently, the fabrics of his body coverings are made of different materials. Some are of organic, plant-based origins, while others are manufactured synthetics.
Avogadro: [Unimpressed] So?

Euler: [Grabbing Dwayne's arm and lifting it] The differing materials appear to be "recovering time" at different rates. His organic shirt is more yielding and recovers from manipulation faster than the synthetic fibers of his pants.

Avogadro: [Confused] Organic material recovers faster than inorganic? That doesn't make sense...
Euler: What events from the past two giga-ganadans HAVE made sense...?

References: Based on this conversion factor, "two giga-ganadans" would be roughly equivalent to one Earth year
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