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[[Dwayne's sudden shout calls the attention of Doctor Melanie Granger, Sharon, and Ki in the other room. They rush to the doorway.]]
Granger: [To Avogadro] What happened?
Avogadro: It's the patient! He sat bolt upright and screamed!

[[They enter the room to find Dwayne in the same position as the previous strip. He is seated on the examination bed, his face contorted in shock. The women rush to his bedside.]]
Sharon: Dwayne! It's Sharon! Can you hear me?
Avogadro: [Observing Dwayne closely] He has not reacted to any of my stimuli. He does not appear to be lucid.

[[Dwayne still hasn't moved from his shocked position. Granger leans in and examines him visually.]]
Granger: Or moving, for that matter. I... think he's frozen again.
Euler: Curious. Like many of our other readings, time seems to be returning to him in fits and spurts.

[[Granger backs away and rejoins Sharon and Ki.]]
Granger: This is going to make for one frustrating vigil...
Sharon: Maybe Ki and
I should stay nearby,
so he has a familiar
face to latch onto...

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