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[[The Grey drone Euler approaches a round doorway just as Nick and Trudy walk through it. Nick is obviously angry, while Trudy seems to be desperately pleading with him.]]
Trudy: But Nick! I won't do anything like that again! Pair me with Fooker! He'll keep me straight!
Nick: My decision is final, Trudy. You're off the roster. End of discussion.

[[Nick notices Euler and turns his attention to him.]]
Nick: Euler, please tell me your presence here means you have good news about Dwayne...
Euler: I have an update, yes, but I feel inadequate ascertaining its relative level of "goodness".

Euler: The patient appears to be "recovering time" in semi-random spurts. We hope to find a way to smooth his transition with an inverse tachyon feedback look.

Nick: [Turning to leave] That sounds promising. I'll be back in the MUTEX chamber if you have further updates.
Euler: [Cringing] About that... or rather, about your current experiment...
[[Trudy cocks an uncertain eyebrow.]]

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