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[[Nick and Trudy walk down a corridor on their way back to the MUTEX chamber, passing several Grey drones along the way. Nick is seething with anger, in part at Trudy and in part at himself. Trudy remains apologetic for her earlier actions.]]
Nick: Grah... so living and non-living matter reacts differently to the time freeze. Like Sharon and those pens!
I can't believe I didn't account for that!

Trudy: [Hesitantly] So... does that mean your experiment with the probe isn't going to work after all...?
Nick: It would have NEVER worked, and we wouldn't have found out until too later.

Trudy: [Hopefully and with a sheepish grin] So... that means I did a GOOD thing, bringing Dwayne back... right...?

Nick: [Narrowing his eyes] Don't push your luck...
[[Trudy's hopefulness fades.]]

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