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[[Nick and Trudy enter the MUTEX chamber to find the team excited to see them.]]
Chris: Great news, Nick! The probe just froze! We have our baseline!
Nick: [Grimly] Not exactly. Continue to log the data, but we're aborting the test.

Dexter: [Surprised] Really? Why?
Nick: Long story. Failed assumptions on my part. Continue the rotation and all of the other scans. Bring back the probe for analysis if you can.

Victor Glowerhausen: Is it safe to assume our services as "guinea pigs" are no longer needed...?
Lionel Barker: I believe Dwayne Duncan will be far more effective in that capacity than we will...

Nick: [Walking out the door, his back to them] YOu're both correct, but don't get too comfortable. You may still get your chance to be "on ice", and we could use another pair of scanners in the rotation.

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