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[[Our scene shifts back to the infirmary. Doctor Melanie Granger and Euler the Grey drone study the unconscious Dwayne as Ki, Sharon, and Avogadro watch from the other side of the room.]]
Ki: Do you really think this tachyon feedback thingy will actually work, Avogadro?
Avogadro: I have no idea. This is Euler's area of expertise, not mine.

Avogadro: Tachyons are weird because they move faster than the speed of light. You can never see them coming, only leaving, and you'd see two versions moving in opposite directions.

Avogadro: An "inverse" tachyon works somewhat in reverse: you see it coming at you from two directions, but you'll never see it leave. It just sort of... vanishes when it arrives.

Sharon: [Confused] You're starting to make my brain hurt...
Avogadro: [Annoyed] Euler understands quantum physics better than I do. I'd rather dissect a pregnant Centauri brain leech than mess with this stuff.

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