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[[Doctor Melanie Granger and Grey drone Euler are monitoring the unconscious Dwayne in the ship's infirmary.]]
Granger: [Staring at a display with concern] When do you think we'll start seeing results, if any?
Euler: [Perusing his tablet] Actually, we're starting to get something now...

Euler: His pulse seems to be stabilizing around once every 8,000 ganadans, or two of your minutes. Respiration is more like once every 40,000 ganadans.
Granger: [Performing the mental math] Ten minutes.

Granger: Stabilizing is good, but can we speed that up? His pulse should be more like once per second or higher.
Euler: [Mildly annoyed] Take that up with him. All I can do is pump him full of radiation.

Granger: [Surprised] Somehow, that sounds like we're doing more harm than good...
Euler: [Disgruntled] Tell me about it. Have you ever had to synthesize inverse tachyons? It's like herding gnark cats.

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