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[[As Ki and Sharon continue watching Doctor Granger and the Greys attend to Dwayne, Trudy walks through the door wearing a worried expression.]]
Trudy: And word? Is... is he...?
Ki: [Flatly] We're still waiting to find out, but for now he's stable.
Sharon: Euler says we'll know more in about an hour.

Sharon: [Standing up and pointing an accusatory finger at Trudy] I have a few choice words for you, big sister...
Trudy: You can save your breath. Nick's already chewed me a new one. I'm permanently off every team ever in perpetuity.

Trudy: [Turning to Ki] I'm sure YOU have plenty to berate me about...
Ki: [Coldly] Anything I have to say depends heavily on what happens in the next hour...

[[Trudy turns her attention to the other side of the room, where Granger and the Greys are monitoring Dwayne. All anger and annoyance drains from her face and she looks worried again.]]

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