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[[There is no dialog in this strip. In the first panel, the Greys continue to tend to the unconscious Dwayne as Doctor Granger sits next to his bed, looking defeated. Behind them, Sharon and Trudy stand next to a seated Ki, watching helplessly.]]

[[In the next panel, Dexter, Chris, Trish, and Patty are gathered around in the MUTEX chamber. Chris holds the deactivated Grey drone that has been recently returned from the frozen Earth. They all exchange worried glances.]]

[[In the next panel, Fooker grimly watches his father, Colonel Lionel Barker, who wears a slight smirk. Behind them, Justin and Lieutenant Johnson sit, looking bored and frustrated, while Victor Glowerhausen looks off to the side with a worried expression.]]

[[In the final panel, Nick stands with his back to the reader so we cannot see his face, looking out one of the view ports at the Moon outside. He has one hand raised against the glass, clenched into a fist, as if he just pounded it in frustration.]]

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