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[[The first panel is completely dark. Two voices speak in the darkness, but the text is blurry and faded, implying that the voices are hard to hear.]]
Voice 1: I think he's starting to come around...
Voice 2: Let us in there, so at least he sees a familiar face...

[[The panel brightens, although it remains slightly blurry. Ki and Sharon are front and center, leaning in close to the viewer. Trudy stands in the background. All three wear worried expressions, although Ki and Sharon are smiling. The viewer speaks wearily...]]
Viewer: Ki...? Sharon...?
Ki: Take it easy, Dwayne. There may be a few... SURPRISES we need to ease you into...

[[Our view shifts to the third person. Dwayne sits up, fully conscious and awake. He glances down at Ki's pregnant tummy, which she rubs lightly.]]
Dwayne: [Surprised] Um... so I see...
[[Off-panel, a strange alien voice speaks...]]
Euler: The patient's vitals are stabilizing on human norms.

[[Dwayne turns to look toward the source of the voice and is quite surprised to find a Grey alien standing next to a human woman.]]
Dwayne: [Shocked] The patient is clearly hallucinating...
Doctor Melanie Granger: [Smiling] No, I don't think so. He really is an alien, and I'm your doctor. Welcome back, Mr. Duncan.

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