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[[Dwayne sits on an examination bed in the infirmary aboard the Grey ship as Grey drones Avogadro and Euler perform a series of scans on him. Behind them, Doctor Melanie Granger gives Dwayne an "OK" sign with her hand, signifying that he passes her end of the examination.]]

[[Ki and Sharon lead Dwayne to the ship's mess hall, where several humans and Greys intermingle. The Greys are holding circular trays filled with "food cubes", offering them to the humans. In the background, we see Mike/Mark Morrison talking with a Grey. As an unnamed drone offers Dwayne a cube, he eyes it suspiciously while Ki and Sharon smile.]]

[[The women lead Dwayne past another room. As Dwayne peeks in, he sees several of the other-universe visitors. D.C. Smythe and Alpha-Duck appear to be carrying heavy equipment. Alpha-Duck raises a large rectangular object over his head with considerable ease, given that he has super-strength, while Smythe struggles with the awkward, heavy object he's carrying. Alpha-Duck seems disappointed, while Smythe appears frustrated. In the foreground, the Inexplicable Speck! seems to be helping Valerie Smith with some task involving one of the Greys' scanners. Dwayne seems bemused by the scene, since this is the first time he's seen the anthropomorphic visitors.]]

[[Ki and Sharon lead Dwayne to a view port along the ship's side. We peer in through the window from the outside, and reflected in the "glass" is the curve of the looming crescent Moon. For the first time, Dwayne speaks, and his expression shows he is obviously overwhelmed.]]
Dwayne: [Weakly] Clearly, this is going to take some getting used to...
[[Ki and Sharon give him sympathetic smiles, while Sharon places a reassuring hand on his shoulder.]]

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