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[[Ki and Sharon continue giving Dwayne a rough tour of the Grey ship. They turn away from the view port and begin heading down another corridor.]]
Dwayne: So... in what seemed to me like a couple of days, it's actually been... about a year?
Ki: Give or take a month. It's easy to lose track with no clear day or night.

Dwayne: [Narrowing his eyes] I knew something was up when Dex, Patty, Trish, and Fred never returned from that "lunch errand"...
Sharon: [Smiling] I promise they had a good excuse: alien abduction.

Dwayne: So you two and Trudy, and clearly Nick is around here somewhere...
Sharon: [Sharing an awkward glance with Ki] Of course! Although... I guess you wouldn't have known that Nick had been replaced...

Dwayne: [Balking] Please don't tell me there's more alternate universe shenanigans going on again...
Ki: [Apologetically] More than you could possibly know...

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