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[[Ki and Sharon are still trying to help Dwayne adjust to returning to the "prime" universe.]]
Dwayne: [Worried] You KNOW I have to ask... what about Nicole and Sydney? Are they here? Do you know if they're all right?
Ki: They're not here, but they're safe, we promise.

Ki: After Trudy pulled you back, we started stepping up the scans. We started checking in on people that we know, getting likely locations from the other "survivors".

[[Our view focuses on Dwayne's face as Ki continues. His expression is a mixture of worry and relief.]]
Ki: Sydney's still at school, while Nicole was just heading out to lunch with some coworkers. Tim, Scott, everyone's parents and family... looks like everyone's accounted for.

Dwayne: Assuming you know what was going on when you found me, I guess you know there was an alien invasion in progress...?
Trudy: [Annoyed] Trust us, we knew before you did.

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