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[[There is no dialog in this strip. In the first panel, Ki and Sharon bring Dwayne to the MUTEX chamber. As they stand outside the round, oval-shaped door looking in, Dexter, Patty and Trish spot them and burst into huge grins. Dwayne seems relieved to see them.]]

[[Dwayne enters the room and is greeted warmly. Fooker gives him a thumbs-up as Fred perches on his shoulder. Justin is seated nearby and gives him a satisfied smile. Pi seems annoyed by the disruption as he continues to work on his data tablet. In the background, Chris and Victor Glowerhausen watch silently, as neither of them are really familiar with Dwayne. Chris, at least, seems happy to see friends reunited.]]

[[Mike/Mark Morrison enters the room, and upon seeing Dwayne, he raises his hands in pleasant surprise. Dwayne immediately recognizes his former employee and seems delighted to see him. In the background, Trudy stands off to herself, looking worried and uncertain.]]

[[Trudy is overwhelmed with relief and rushes forward to hug Dwayne, burying her face into his chest. Her expression remains somewhat remorseful, as she is apparently sorry for the trouble she's caused and relieved that he's OK. Dwayne is startled by the gesture, but does not step away. Behind them, Dexter and Fooker eye the exchange with surprise and curiosity.]]

References: Mike Mark Morrison is Dwayne's former employee: (1) (2) (3)
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