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[[Ki and Sharon lead Dwayne to the room where Nick has been waiting for them. Nick turns away from the view port as they enter.]]
Ki: [To Dwayne, while gesturing toward Nick] Here he is, as promised.
Sharon: Nicks' been our fearless leader ever since we got here.

Nick: Ladies, can I have a few minutes to discuss something with Dwayne in private?
[[Dwayne and Sharon look to Ki as she answers.]]
Ki: Sure. We'll check in on the latest scan results.

[[As Ki and Sharon exit, Dwayne turns back to Nick. He smiles somewhat sheepishly.]]
Dwayne: It's good to see you again, Nick. What can I help you with?

[[To Dwayne's surprise, Nick steps forward and embraces him in a man-hug.]]
Nick: I'm so glad you're still alive...
Dwayne: [Still smiling] So you're the "fearless leader", I take it...

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