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[[Nick and Dwayne are alone, talking for the first time since Dwayne was recovered from the time-frozen Earth.]]
Nick: Seriously, you have no idea how glad we all are to see you. I thought our first big success was going to be a tragedy...
Dwayne: [Patting himself] As far as I can tell, nothing's missing...

Dwayne: [Growing concerned] Is everything OK? You seem to be a bit overwhelmed. Do you need to vent?
Nick: [Wearily] I AM overwhelmed... but I don't want to burden you with that. After all you've been through...

Dwayne: [With a wry smile] From my perspective, I just went from a typical day meeting with a prospective client, to an alien invasion, then waking up on an alien space ship. I'll bet YOUR day's been worse.

Nick: [Hesitantly] This past YEAR has been pretty stressful. How much time do you have? Minutes? Hours? Days? Weeks?
Dwayne: [Flashing a reassuring smile] Right now, my calendar appears to be wide open...

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